Episode 33: Yeah, So, This One’s Pretty Funny

In Episode 33, Greg and Joey talk about foreshadowing, bar fights, and seed stitch.


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Shut the front door! This yarn from #OneTwistedTree (aka @prairiegirldanie) is just what I’ve wanted my entire life. It’s in her “Take the Black” colorway. Danie has heard me talk about how knitting black toes, heels, and cuffs is why I wear reading glasses now and offered to send me a hank if this yarn to try. As she puts it, “it is a mix of black and charcoal that gives enough variation in the fabric to make the black bearable.” Nailed it! I can see my stitches clearly, and yet the overall effect is still a bold black. I swear if I look at it sideways I see hints of purple, but Danie assures me that’s just how black dyes up. It’s amazing. I’m pretty sure I want this for all my sock contrast bits now. Thank you, Danie! ❤️ . . #knitting #knittersofinstagram #socks #taketheblack

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Tallulah Gorge. #optoutside #hiking

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