Episode 3: So, Here’s a Funny Story…

In Episode 3, Greg and Joey let the listeners be the judge of whether or not their stories are funny.


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Joey’s crown:


One of Joey’s preemie hats, from Greg’s pattern:

Another of @knittingdaddy's preemie hats. These are quick and easy to make. @unravelingpodcast

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Greg rips out the too-narrow heel flap on him mom’s sock:

To heck with tinking! I'm going to rip this heel flap with abandon!!!!!!1one #yolo

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Greg knitting the Fishcloth Dishcloth while driving down the coast before fishing for the day (November 2013):

Knitting Daddy Greg knitting the fishcloth dishcloth while driving down the coast before fishing for the day.

The Fishcloth Dishcloth:


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Episode 2: Cthulhu and Socks and Fairs, Oh My!

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In Episode 2, Greg and Joey share stories about knitting socks and entering fairs.


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Joey’s Class Socks:


Greg’s Scrappy Sock Yarn Preemie Hats:

The whole #PreemieHat family.

Joey’s Cthulhu:


Greg’s entries at the NC State Fair:

Seven out of nine of my #ncstatefair entries earned ribbons!

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Episode 1: Origin Stories


In Episode 1, Greg and Joey share their origin stories, as it relates to the fiber arts.

Blueberry In Preemie Hat
Greg’s daughter wearing the first thing Greg ever knitted, a preemie hat.


Joey's First Knitting Project

Joey’s First Knitting Project


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